马克·T. 贾尔斯


马克·T. 贾尔斯自2008年4月起担任董事, as Chair of our Board since April 2017 and as a member of the Corporate 治理委员会 since April 2008 (and was previously a member of the Compensation Committee).

Mr. 贾尔斯曾担任Intevac公司的董事., a public company and a leader in thin film processing technologies and developer of advanced high sensitivity digital sensors, 相机, 和集成系统, 2014年5月以来, 他亦是审计委员会的成员. 他是Checkpoint Systems公司的董事., a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, 从2013年3月到2016年5月出售给CCL Industries, where he also served as Chair of the Audit Committee and as a member of the Compensation Committee. Mr. 贾尔斯 served from 2001 until September 2016 as a director of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (“嘉宝科学”), 提供软件的全球制造商, 电脑制造系统, 为全球各种行业提供供应和服务, which was acquired by a private equity firm in 2011 and owned by said firm until its sale to American Industrial Products in September of 2016. He was the 总裁兼首席执行官 of Gerber Scientific from 2001 until 2012 and provided transitional services through his retirement in 2012. Mr. 贾尔斯 previously served as Senior Vice President and President of Gerber Technology, Inc. (“嘉宝科技”),嘉宝科学的子公司. 加入嘉宝科技之前, 他曾担任多个业务部门管理的高级职位, 战略发展, mergers and acquisitions and sales and marketing management with FMC Corp.该公司是机械和化学品制造商.

莎拉一. 格林斯坦


莎拉一. 格林斯坦 is the 总裁兼首席执行官 of Lydall, Inc. 她于2019年11月被任命为首席执行官.

Ms. 格林斯坦 is a purpose-driven executive and creator of sustainable value for employees, 客户, 股东与环境. For more than two decades, she has led the transformation of several leading U.S. 制造业和服务业.

Ms. 格林斯坦 joined Lydall from the integrated steel producer United States 钢 Corporation ("U.S. 钢”), where she served as Senior Vice President of its $4 billion global Consumer Solutions business unit. 在你.S. 钢, 她成功地领导了消费者解决方案公司的转型, driving unprecedented growth and profit through a new customer intimacy and solutions 策略.

你之前.S. 钢铁、女士. 格林斯坦在Underwriters Laboratories, Inc .工作了12年. (“UL”),全球领先的全球安全认证公司. 在UL任职期间, she held multiple executive positions and led the transformation of the organization from a U.S. 以传统产品安全测试为重点的非营利组织, 成为全球价值10亿美元的盈利性风险管理市场领导者, 安全的供应链商业和环境可持续性.

Ms. 格林斯坦 was most recently a member of the 董事会 of Briggs & 斯垂顿公司, the world's leading manufacturer of gasoline engines for lawn and garden equipment, 她在公司的财务委员会和提名委员会任职 & 治理委员会.

一个伊利诺斯州本地, 她获得了工商管理学士学位, 专注于工业配送管理, 来自伊利诺伊大学吉斯商学院. 她在密歇根大学获得工商管理硕士学位. 罗斯商学院.

大卫G. 账单


大卫G. 账单 has served as a Director since April 2018 and is a member of each of the Compensation Committee and the Corporate 治理委员会,  Mr. 账单 was most recently Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and 公司 ("DuPont"), a public global chemical and materials company.  2001年,他在杜邦开始了自己的真人游戏厅, 担任多个高级管理职位, 直到2017年退休.  在加入杜邦公司之前,他曾担任首席执行官. 账单 was a partner at McKinsey and 公司, a management consulting firm.

Mr. 账单 has also served on the 董事会 of Modine Manufacturing 公司, 一家上市的工业制造公司, 他曾是审计署的成员, 公司管治及科技委员会.

詹姆斯J. 大炮


James(“Jim”)大炮,自2017年4月起担任董事, and currently serves as Chairperson of the Corporate 治理委员会 and a member of the Audit Review Committee. Mr. 大炮 is the 总裁兼首席执行官 of FLIR Systems, Inc. (纳斯达克:FLIR), 设计, 发展, 生产, markets and distributes innovative sensing solutions that enhance perception and awareness. 在2017年6月加入FLIR之前,Mr .. 大炮曾在Stanley Black担任各种全球领导职务 & 德克尔. 在他的最后一个角色中. 大炮充当总统, STANLEY Security North America and Emerging Markets ("Stanley Security"), 全球商业安全解决方案的市场领导者, 门自动化, 和医疗解决方案. 在2001年加入Stanley之前,他曾担任该公司的董事. 大炮 worked at the Eaton Corporation as a LEAN Manufacturing Manager from 1999 to 2001 and served in the U.S. 从1989年到1999年担任陆军步兵和装甲军官. Mr. 坎农毕业于田纳西大学, 查塔努加拥有工商管理和市场营销学士学位. 

保罗·W. 格雷夫斯


Mr. 格雷夫斯 is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Livent Corporation (NYSE:LTHM), 一家全球性的锂技术和制造公司, 自2018年以来,他一直担任这个角色. 在加入Livent之前,Mr. 格雷夫斯 served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of FMC from 2012 to 2018. Mr. 格雷夫斯 previously served as a managing director and partner in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs Group in Hong Kong and was the co-head of Natural Resources for Asia (excluding Japan). 在能力, he was responsible for managing the Goldman Sachs' Pan-Asian Natural Resources Investment business. Mr. 格雷夫斯 also served as Global Head of Chemical Investment Banking for Goldman Sachs, 他在2000年加入了哪家公司. Mr. 格雷夫斯 previously held finance and auditing roles of increasing responsibility at Ernst & Young、英国天空广播集团、ING霸菱和J. 亨利·施罗德 & Co.   Mr. 格雷夫斯于2021年4月成为Lydall董事. He serves as a member of the Audit Review Committee and the Compensation Committee.



苏珊娜哈米特 was the Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for Capital One NA, a diversified bank that offers financial products and services to consumers, 小企业和商业客户.  She has held that position since February 2007 until her retirement in  March 2017. 在加入Capital One之前,她曾担任董事. Hammett was the Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer for the Radian Group Inc.她于2005年7月开始担任该职位. 她也是J .的前执行副总裁.P. Morgan Chase) & Co. 在她与J.P. Morgan Chase) & Co., she held numerous positions within the investment bank including Head of Credit Risk Portfolio. 直到2004年初,她一直是该公司的信用风险政策主管. Ms. Hammett于2000年1月成为Lydall董事. She serves as a member of the Audit Review Committee  and Chair Person of the Compensation Committee.

凯瑟琳·C. 哈珀


Ms. 哈珀是BDP International(“BDP”)的首席财务官。, a leading privately-held global logistics and transportation solutions company, 自2019年以来,她一直担任这个角色. 在加入BDP之前,她曾担任. 哈珀 was previously the Chief Financial Officer of AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.2016年至2018年,是一家全球农产品新鲜解决方案公司. She also served for 3 years as the Chief Financial Officer of Tronox Limited, 全球矿业和无机化学品生产商. 在她真人游戏厅的早期. 哈珀 served in senior global business management and leadership roles with extensive experience in finance, 策略, 业务发展, M&A, risk management and transformation in both public and private enterprises, 在30多年的化学制品中达到顶峰, 资源, 工业, 农业, 和物流行业.  Ms. 哈珀于4月加入董事会,担任董事, 2021 and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Audit Review Committee  and a member of the Compensation Committee.